Thinking Through Migration

Embedding Place and Experience in Museum Displays

We need only watch the news to see that we live in an age of migrations. Species, humans, peoples, objects, practices and ideas migrate. Migration plays out across international politics, across divided lands and in people’s lives. It fundamentally affects our sense of place and belonging.

THINK?NG THROUGH MIGRATION is a FREE online toolkit developed by academic researchers and museum professionals. It is designed to help museums respond to the phenomenon of migration and its complex contemporary challenges.

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Action Topics

Our Action Topics can help you think through migration in relation to various aspects of museum practice.


We briefly explore definitions and explanations of some of the key subjects within the Thinking Through Migration toolkit.

Case Studies

This section will be populated with case studies on the theme of migration.


This section will be populated with transcripts from visitor studies on the theme of migration undertaken in 2013-14 as part of the MeLa European Museums in the Age of Migrations project

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One way of engaging visitors actively with the theme of migration is to build interactive elements into displays.

Action Topics


Human migrations can form a difficult and sensitive topic. How can we use display techniques also to deal with tensions and difficult stories?

Action Topics


The collections in your museum probably contain things that have travelled around the world, perhaps collected by people who did the same.

Action Topics


Audiences can help you think about ways to encourage audience understanding and empathy with migration issues.

Action Topics


Mobility is a term with multiple meanings. Questions of social mobility examine the ease or difficulty with which people move between social groups and strata.